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Command List

Add PikaGirl to your Discord Server

PikaGirl Help Commands

PikaGirl's basic usage, help and support commands.


Test the bots response time.


Gives a brief explanation about the bot and includes other various help links.

Command List

Display a link to the bots command list.


Displays an invite link for the bot to invite it to other servers.

Bot Statistics

Posts statistical information about the bot.

Cleverbot Commands

Talk with PikaGirl!


Talk to PikaGirl via Cleverbot!

Search various sites through PikaGirl.


Display the weather for the location specified.

Minecraft Server Info

Displays information about the specified Minecraft Server IP.

Booru Searching Commands

Search popular imageboards through PikaGirl.

Booru List

List the available SFW and NSFW booru's available to search from.

Economy/Coins Commands

All of PikaGirl's economy commands.


Lists all commands related to coins.

Coins Create

Create a coins profile. This is needed to execute most commands related to coins.

Coins Balance

Displays your current coins balance.

Coins View

View another users coins balance.

Coins Pay

Give another user the specified amount of your coins.

Coins Daily

Collect your daily gift.

Coins Top

Displays the top 20 global users with the largest coins balances and your placing.

Coins Slots

Gamble your coins in the slot machine.

Coins Slots Prizes

View the prizes for the slot machine. Prizes change every day!

Coins Vote

Vote for PikaGirl on a daily basis for extra coins.

Coins Vote Claim

Used to claim your extra coins after voting for PikaGirl.

Coins Gifts

View your gifts inventory.

Coins Gifts Open

Open the specified gift.

Tower Commands

Build your own Tower, manage employees and become rich.

Tower Commands

Lists all commands related to towers.

Create Tower

Create a new tower and start the tower game!

Tower Help Topics

Lists all help commands for your tower.

Tower Floor Commands

Lists all the commands to manage your tower's floors.

Build Tower Floor

Start building a new floor in your tower.

Tower Floors List

List all of the floors in your tower.

Tower Stats

Display statistics for your tower.

Restock Tower

Collect earnings and restock all available floors in your tower.

Tower Employees

Lists all the commands to manage your towers employees.

Tower Employees List

List all of the employees in your tower.

Hire Tower Employee

Hire a new employee to work at your tower.

Assign Tower Employee

Assign an employee to work at a floor in your tower.

Unassign Tower Employee

Unassign an employee from a floor.

Swap Tower Employees

Swap two employees assigned floors.

Tower Upgrades

List all premium upgrades available for your tower.

Tower Leaderboard

Shows the top 20 towers with the highest value.

Rebuild Tower

Rebuild your tower from scratch in exchange for Golden Tickets.

Calling Commands

PikaGirl's commands to call and communicate with other servers.

Call Random

Initiate a call with a random server.

Call Hangup

End a call with another server.

Call Info

Display details about the current call.

Configuration Commands

Configure PikaGirl to your liking with these commands.

Config Help

Get help information on how to use the config command for PikaGirl.

Guild Config

View and edit PikaGirl's configuration for the current server.

User Config

View and edit PikaGirl's configuration for the current user.

Image Generator Commands

Generate various images in your Discord Servers with these commands.


Generate an image of Linus from LTT watching an image of your choice.

Sonic Says

Generates a Sonic Says image with the text specified.


Prints the specified text in an image in the font Comic Sans.

Arin with a Sign

Generates an image with Arin from Game Grumps holding a sign with something you've written on it.

Phoenix Wright Objection Generator

Generates a GIF with Phoenix Wright yelling Objection with your specified text.

Locale Commands

Set the language you want PikaGirl to use in your Discord Server.

Locale List

Lists all available languages for PikaGirl.

Set Locale

Set the language for PikaGirl to use when responding to your commands.

Overwatch Commands

All commands to search and lookup Overwatch user stats.

Overwatch Command List

Lists all available Overwatch commands and information on how to use them.

Overwatch User Profile Lookup

Displays profile information about the specified user.

Overwatch User Hero Stats Lookup

Displays hero stats about the specified user.

Overwatch User Statistics Lookup

Displays stats about the specified user.

Random Commands

Various miscellaneous commands that don't particularly fit in any other category.

Server Info

Displays information and statistics about the current server.


Posts a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face.


There isn't much to this.

Random Cat

Posts a random image of a cat.

Password Generator

Generates a random password for you.

Number Fact

Specifies a random fact for the number provided.

Random XKCD Comic

Posts a random comic from xkcd.com

Chuck Norris Fact

Posts a random fact about Chuck Norris.

People In Space

Shows a list of people in space right now.


Slap the specified user with a funny slapping gif.

Auto Responses

Messages that PikaGirl will automatically respond to. These can be turned off with PikaGirl's Guild Config command.


Responds to "ayy" with "lmao". Can be disabled using ">config guild ayylmao false"


Responds a tableflip or an unflip when a user flips or unflip a table. Can be disabled using ">config guild tableflips false"

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